SEO Blogs & Guides

Ongoing blog writing that attracts website visitors, builds an email list and converts to sales.

  • Build trust with website visitors by educating them with articles.
  • Improve search engine rankings with keyword optimized content.
  • Create assets that to use on your website, email and social media.

Educate First, Sell Second

Statistically only 2% of website visitors are ready to buy. The bigger majority of visitors to any website are in "Research" phase. This means that visitors are looking for educational content about your products and your company.

Our article creation program is designed to educate your website visitors in order to establish credibility and build trust. When your website visitors trust your company, they are more likely to buy.

Improve SEO

Search engines value relevant and high-quality content. And, blog articles provide an opportunity to regularly update a website with such content.

By incorporating keywords into blog articles, your ecommerce website can improve visibility on search engines.

Additionally, blog articles can attract links from other websites, which are an important factor in search engine rankings.

Sharing informative and valuable content through blog articles also encourages user engagement, longer session durations, and reduced bounce rates, which are all positive signals to search engines.

What people say

"Finally I found someone who I can trust and I know that they have my best interest at heart. They treat it as their own business. We are starting to see growth and really excited to see where its gonna go from here."

David R., Founder

Why work with Shop Innovator?

We have 15+ years of experience building and promoting hundreds of Shopify stores, that cater to thousands of website visitors. Our SEO Blogs & Guides program is designed for companies that depend on a steady growth of their online presence. Get in touch to find out how we can support your ecommerce operation.