Why We Don't Sign NDAs

We are super excited that you are considering to work with us.

You don't need to stress about NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). We understand you want to keep your website ideas and content safe. But remember, we're here to build your website, not to take your ideas for ourselves. Here are 5 reasons why we don't sign NDAs:

Reason 1

Keep your secrets

If there's something very special about your business that you want to keep secret, just don't tell us yet. You decide what to share and what to keep to yourself. You might need an NDA later, but not right at the start.

Reason 2

Trust is essential

Good working relationships are built on trust. If you ask us for an NDA, it might seem like you don't trust us or don't understand how website development works. We always respect our clients' trust.

Reason 3

Our reputation is important

We might work on several similar websites. If we sign an NDA and then create a similar website for someone else, it might look like we stole your idea. Keeping a good reputation helps us get more clients.

Reason 4

Handling many NDAs is unrealistic

We work with many clients and projects. Signing an NDA for each one would be overwhelming and complicated. It's also hard to keep track of so many agreements.

Reason 5

We focus on your project, not just ideas

We're interested in helping you and your team bring your website to life, not just in your ideas. Ideas are plenty, but turning them into a successful website is the real challenge. We're here to support and guide you, not to take over your project.