Grow Sales by Improving Your Conversion Rate

There are 3 ways to increase sales on your ecommerce website:

  1. Get more customers (ie. attract new customers to your store)
  2. Get bigger orders (ie. increase the order value)
  3. Increase frequency of orders (ie. get the same customers to buy again)

It is a good routine to focus on each of these areas throughout the year to maintain a healthy growth in your ecommerce store.

While you are working on growing your sales – remember to keep track of your Conversion Rate (“Conversion Rate” is a percentage of people who make a purchase compared to the total visitors on your website.)

The Conversion Rate affects all growth initiatives in your store.

According to this article, the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites in 2.86% in 2020.

Over the next several articles, we will dive deeper into different actions we can take to improve ecommerce store conversion rates.

We will be focusing on 5 areas that affect your store’s conversion rates, including:

  1. Understanding Your Customer’s Journey
  2. Showcasing Your Product Details
  3. Optimizing Your Website Experience
  4. Telling Your Brand Story
  5. Streamlining Your Email Conversations
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