Planta Greenhouses

E-commerce website development for a greenhouses company

Planta Greenhouses

Planta Greenhouses came to us after struggling for 1 year selling their products on a WooCommerce website. The team at Shop Innovator created a new Shopify store and positioned Planta's products for marketing success. Within the first 12 months their revenues tripled.


Planta Greenhouses came to us in their second year of operations. We helped them to analyze their WooCommerce website and to convert it into a Shopify eCommerce store. By optimizing the new design with clear call to actions, Planta Greenhouses sales grew 250% in the first few months after website launch.


Planta Greenhouses started it's journey online in 2018 when it was built by a junior developer on WooCommerce. While sales were coming in, the website had a few issues which had a direct impact on sales:

  • Slow loading time
  • The product pages weren't complete which caused a broken user experience
  • Checkout page wasn't optimized
  • Navigation on the website wasn't optimized. Customers spent a long time looking for what they need and buying was difficult. 
  • Hard to add new products to the online store 
  • Shipping info wasn't clear on the website 
  • No content strategy  


We migrated Planta Greenhouses' website to Shopify, redesigned website, optimized speed, product pages and the shopping cart. We also launched a brand new content strategy which we implement to this day.


Since launching Planta Greenhouses on Shopify, their sales skyrocketed by 250% and have been growing exponentially ever since. 


Working with Planta Greenhouses has been an interesting experiment which proved that no matter how great your products are, if they're not presented effectively on the website, people won't buy them. When you make it easy for people to buy and present all the information they need to make the purchasing decision, they will buy and even brag about it online. Since this brand is exclusively operational online, without a showroom or brick-mortar store, it was crucial to create a solid social proof strategy. We've been working on gathering customer stories and collecting customer reviews diligently ever since.