7 Ways to Use AI in Content Creation for E-commerce Stores

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AI is making the process of content creation in e-commerce, easier and faster. On this page we will review a few useful ways to leverage AI for content creation.

A few benefits of AI for content creation:

  1. Saves Time: Using AI tools you can create content within minutes.
  2. Generate Ideas: generate multiple content ideas without long research.
  3. SEO-Friendly: Use the right keywords to help your content get found.
  4. Consistent Tone: Keep your brand’s voice the same across all products.
  5. Professional: AI helps to create content that sounds professional.
  6. Cost-Effective: Save money by reducing the hours of human work.

Below are 7 practical ways you can use AI to create content for your ecommerce business.


Writing Product Descriptions with AI

Imagine having detailed, SEO-friendly product descriptions done in 10 minutes.

AI tools like ChatGPT, Copy.ai and Jasper can do just that. They save you hours and make sure all your product listings are top-notch.

Example AI Tools:

  • Shopify Magic
  • ChatGPT
  • Copy.ai
  • Jasper
  • Frase.io
  • WriteSonic

    Real-Life Example:

    • An online clothing store used Jasper to write their product descriptions and saw a 20% bump in organic traffic and a 15% boost in sales.

    Useful Prompts:

    • Analyze this page and create new 10/10 product copy that will convert visitors to buyers: [put url of example product page here] 
    • Write a product description for [product name] offered by [company name]. Include features, benefits and commonly asked questions and answers. Include the keyword [keyword/phrase] 3 to 5 times in the text. 


    Writing Blog Posts with AI

    Need blog posts to attract more visitors? AI can help you create interesting and relevant blog content that draws people to your site and helps with SEO.

      Example Tools:

      • Article Forge
      • Writesonic

      Real-Life Example:

      • A home decor retailer used Article Forge to pump out weekly design trend posts, increasing their blog traffic by 30% and engaging more customers.

      Useful Prompts

      • Generate [x] topic titles for blog articles on the topic of [specify topic]


      Writing Page Content with AI

      From About Us pages to FAQs, AI can craft engaging and informative page content that’s consistent and optimized for search engines.

        Example Tools:

        • ChatGPT
        • Jasper.ai
        • Copy.ai
        • ContentBot

        Real-Life Example:

        • A tech startup used Copy.ai to write their About Us and service pages, making their site look more professional and improving their SEO.


        Producing Videos with AI

        Turn your product images and descriptions into engaging videos with AI tools. This makes your products more appealing and easier to understand.

        Example Tools:

        • Invidio.io
        • Pictory
        • Synthesia

        Real-Life Example:

        • An electronics retailer used Animoto to create demo videos, boosting video views by 50% and helping customers understand their products better.


        Creating & Updating Images with AI

        Need stunning visuals? AI design tools can help you create and update graphics, banners, and infographics, keeping your site looking fresh and professional.

        Example Tools:

        • Canva
        • Mokker.ai
        • Dream.ai
        • Leonardo.ai

        Real-Life Example:

        • An online jewelry store used Canva to create eye-catching banners, increasing click-through rates by 20% and boosting site traffic.


        Optimizing Content for SEO with AI

        Want your content to rank higher on Google? AI-driven tools analyze keywords, competition, and search trends to optimize your content.

        Example Tools:

        • SEO.ai
        • SurferSEO
        • Frase
        • ChatGPT

        Real-Life Example:

        • A skincare brand used SurferSEO to optimize their blog posts, resulting in a 25% increase in organic traffic and a 10% rise in sales.


        Translating Content with AI

        Reach a global audience by translating your content with AI. It’s quick, accurate, and helps you connect with customers all over the world.

        Example Tools:

        • ChatGPT
        • DeepL
        • Google Translate

        Real-Life Example:

        • A multilingual ecommerce store used DeepL to translate product descriptions and customer reviews, expanding their global reach and improving customer satisfaction.

        As you can see, using AI for content creation in your ecommerce business can save you time, boost your SEO, and help you connect with your audience more effectively. The number of AI tools grows very quickly. So be sure to search for new tools and techniques regularly. 

        About the author: Art Palvanov

        Art is a creative director and co-founder of Shop Innovator. He loves working with entrepreneurs on web design projects and digital marketing campaigns. On our blog he shares ideas on technology, creativity and business.

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