Meet Shop Innovator

We are exceptionally talented Shopify experts born to create innovative e-commerce shopping experiences that grow brands, attract customers and increase sales.

We are a team of website developers and digital marketers, who specialize in helping entrepreneurs grow ecommerce businesses. Since we have been designing and marketing ecommerce websites for over 17 years, we got a chance to work with many companies in Canada and the United States. 

In particular, we became good at transforming under-performing websites into optimized ecommerce platforms, which help companies to boost their brand image and increase revenues.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most loved Shopify Experts in Canada and USA by designing ecommerce user experiences that grow brands, attract customers and increase sales while leaving people feeling confident & successful.

Who Do We Support

We work with companies that sell products through ecommerce, including:


If you produce products and sell them wholesale (B2B) and/or retail (B2C)

Retail Stores

If you sell products in your physical retail store, with one or more locations


If you import and distribute products nationally to B2C and/or B2B clients

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Some of our customer reviews

We dramatically increased our conversion rate. They’re making design decisions based on usability and behaviour so you get measurable results to see if you are getting a good ROI. It was a great exercise.”
Dave Zak, ArtResin


Reduced bounce rate by 40%. We got not only web design advice, but all the aspects of the website and the business in general. For example, they were able to reduce the bounce rate by 40% in one project and tripled click through rates in another project. We will continue to work together because the results are always good.”
Ugur, UG Consulting


We’re getting more website traffic. If you’re running a business and want your business to succeed, you have to hire a professional web designer. But – you have to make sure you hire a designer that understands the marketing aspects, like SEO and PPC. “
Genya, Indigo Yoga


Our new website generated over $1 million in the first year alone. We redesigned an old website that didn’t produce any results for my company. We designed a new website with a goal to generate new clients. In the first year we attracted multi-million dollar customers because our website made us look professional, even though we were a very small company.”
Rom, Proment Automation

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