Pillar #2: Website Speed Optimization

Improve conversions by reducing website loading time

A study by Portent shows that “The highest eCommerce conversion rates occur if the page loading time sits between 0 and 2 seconds.” 2

Why Do I Need It?

In today’s world, most consumers in Canada and the US learned to get everything fast. “Instant gratification” is part of our culture. So, when customers search to find something, – they want to find it fast.

This gives you, the business owner, an excellent opportunity to cash in on the “instant gratification” factor. 

What You Get

A Website Audit

Determines which pages are slowing down the loading time of your website.

Optimized Content

Minimizes speed-reducing plugins that slow down and clutter your website

Monitored Website Performance 

Concludes if additional tweaks are needed for a better user experience.