Pillar #1: Mobile Responsive Layout

Get a website that’s easily viewed on phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and even modern TVs

According to Think With Google, “67% of mobile users claim that they’re more inclined to purchase a product or service when they visit a mobile-friendly site.” 1

Why Do I Need It?

What do most people have on them all day – inside, outside, at home, at work, in bed (… and even in the bathroom)? Their smartphones.
Your products are likely viewed more on mobiles than on regular computers.

As a result, Google now ranks the quality of your website based on how well it works on mobile devices. “Mobile responsive layout” is a website built to work well on different devices your customers use.

What You Get

Mobile-friendly pages designed to make purchasing on cellphones quick and easy.

Improved speed on mobile pages that load quickly and allow customers to view products easily.

Mobile Devices Test ensures content is responsive on all devices and works smoothly.