Ecommerce Email Marketing

Helping you build and nurture the #1 ecommerce asset, – your email list.

Who is this for?

You’ll enjoy working with our team if you run a factory, operate a retail store or distribute a product line.

You’ll get most value if you’re looking to take advantage of email marketing to grow your ecommerce business.

As you might now, email is considered the most effective medium to be in touch with your prospects and customers.

You can use email marketing for attracting new customers and for retaining relationships with existing customers.

Have a question about ecommerce email marketing?

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Why work with Shop Innovator?

Since 2002 we have helped companies in Canada and the United States transform their outdated websites into optimized ecommerce stores, which helped them to up level their brand image and increase revenues.

Shop Innovator uses a proven framework that focuses on these areas of ecommerce growth:

  • Creating a Clear Strategy
  • Optimizing Customer Acquisition
  • Increasing Conversion Rates
  • Improving Customer Retention