Business Catalyst to Shopify

Get help moving your Adobe Business Catalyst ecommerce website to Shopify.

Why Choose Shop Innovator?

The team at Shop Innovator has been working with Adobe Business Catalyst since 2008. Over the years we have setup dozens of websites on Adobe’s platform. Last year Adobe announced that Business Catalyst will be shut down by 2021, so for the past year we have been helping companies transition their ecommerce websites from Business Catalyst to Shopify.

Adobe Business Catalyst to Shopify website migration services include:

  • Updating the website design from Business Catalyst templates into a Shopify theme.
  • Moving of Products, Catalogs, Pages, Web Apps, and Blogs from Business Catalyst to Shopify.
  • Migrating email templates and email lists into platforms like Klaviyo and Jilt.
  • Transferring payments and shipping settings into Shopify’s platform.
  • Setting up page redirects and configuring Google Analytics for minimal impact on SEO and Google rankings.

Have a question about your website?

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Why Do We Migrate Websites Manually?

It is common for websites that were recently migrated to experience a change in Google rankings. For that reason Shop Innovator doesn’t use automated migration tools.

Our Business Catalyst to Shopify migration service is done manually in order to ensure that your website becomes better after replatforming. Our goal is to make your Google rankings go up after migrating your website to Shopify.