See examples of results we generated for these ecommerce brands:

Planta Greenhouses

Doubled sales within 30 days of launch

Planta Greenhouses came to us in their second year of operations.

We helped them to analyze their WooCommerce website and to convert it into a Shopify ecommerce store. By optimizing the new design with clear call to actions, Planta Greenhouses sales grew 250% in the first few months after website launch.

Honey Candles

Upgraded four B2B and B2C sites to Shopify

Honey Candles is a known brand of beeswax candles. They were using an outdate Adobe Business Catalyst platform for their Wholesale and Retail stores.

We helped them to identify areas of improvement, and relaunched the websites on Shopify. In addition, a new email marketing process was setup to leverage email automation using Klaviyo.

Art Resin

Doubled sales within 1 month of launch

We worked with Artresin to help rebrand their existing Shopify website. We focused on highlighting inspirational content, so they could better educate their visitors.

Within 1 month of new website launch, they doubled their sales, and continued to do so for several years!


Presented a traditional product, in a new way

How do you inspire modern customers to buy traditional products online? By telling a story that resonates with them.

That’s exactly what we did with We created a website that tells the story of Japanese tatami. And why it would be a great purchase.

Moving Around

Simplified buying process

Mobility devices are typically hard to buy because there are so many choices. With Moving Around we simplified the buying process and removed decision fatigue.

You know you are doing something right, when your competitors start ‘borrowing’ your website ideas right after you release them 🙂

Main Street Honey

Added e-commerce to retail store

We worked with Main Street Honey shop in Vancouver to add a Shopify ecommerce store to their existing WordPress website.

During the setup process, we found solutions for ‘minimum shipping value’ policy and ‘pickup in store’ delivery options.