E-Commerce Accelerator

Ongoing support and marketing for your online store

Work with a team of e-commerce experts who update, promote and support the growth of your online store. For a fixed monthly fee.

A mix of marketing activities to accelerate your ecommerce growth

E-commerce Accelerator is a monthly service, where a team of experts manages the growth of your ecommerce brand. We build a plan that includes a combination of activities that are relevant to your brand. The activities include a mix of:

Custom plan to fit your business.

We work in 90-day cycles to keep your business marketing active and organized. Your plan will be customized based on your company’s current needs. As the business owner – you will know that a professional team is continually working on growing your brand. Here is a sample Marketing Timeline:

Graphic shows a sample Marketing Timeline with hundreds of activities that are designed to grow your ecommerce brand.

The Problem of Every Growing Company

As a business owner, you want to grow. Growth means more sales and more money in your bank account.

But growth is rarely linear or simple.

Many times running a business feels like this:

The good news is that your business is growing.

The bad news is that a growing business has growing pains.

What Are Your Growing Pains?

Growing pains are scalability problems that emerge whenever your business is ready to grow to the next level.

Your Marketing

  • Marketing activities feel chaotic and disorganized 
  • Tech tools are messy or too complicated 
  • You don’t have an effective eCommerce growth strategy, or your existing strategy is not yielding results due to lack of knowledge or skills

Your Money

  • Your marketing costs are growing (Google ads, social ads, etc.) but you do not see the return on investment that you want.
  • Your sales are unpredictable; worst, you’ve hit a plateau. 
  • You feel like your competitors are thriving despite you offering better products and customer support than them.

Your People

  • You don’t have enough human capital to get it all done and done well.
  • As an owner, you are wearing too many hats and don’t have time to do the most important work.
  • You have too many decisions to make in many directions, leading to mediocrity. 

There’s a Lot to Keep Track of…

Unaddressed Growing Pains Have Real, Tangible Costs

  • Your marketing becomes ineffective and un-scalable due to a lack of marketing strategy and expertise
  • Your sales hit a plateau or begin to decline due to a website that is not optimized to convert to sales
  • Your business development feels scattered and erratic due to a lack of marketing strategy & automation
  • You are busier “putting out fires” than working on what truly matters for your eCommerce to grow.
  • Your people are working long hours, yet, the list of To Dos never gets smaller due to a lack of tech or tools
  • You end up leaving a lot of money on the table. Money that went to your competitor’s pocket rather than yours.

But, What If Things Could Be Simpler?

Ecommerce Accelerator program solves some of your most pivotal business growing pains.

BEFORE Accelerator

Marketing feels chaotic. Important decisions are constantly delayed. It’s tough to plan for the future because there’s no clear strategy. Business owner is stressed and always feeling behind.

AFTER Accelerator

Marketing efforts are organized. Important decisions are addressed on time. The growth strategy is clear. There’s quarterly, monthly and weekly momentum. Business owner is calmer and happy.

Why Hire Us

Our customers love this service for many reasons, including:

Organized Marketing Work

In most businesses, marketing activities are not organized. With Accelerator, everyone stays accountable to work on your company’s marketing on an ongoing schedule.

Strategy & Execution

We have worked with many brands for over 20 years. So we help you create an effective strategy – so you know where to invest and where to save your time/money.

Different Skills / One Team

Get access to our talented team, which includes a digital marketer, copywriter, graphic designer, website developer and project manager.

Build Creative Assets

As you work with our team, we help you to build your marketing assets (like graphics and content) in one central place. Files will be organized in the cloud for easy access in future projects.

Fixed Monthly Price

You don’t need to worry about surprise invoices from different contractors. One monthly invoice covers all scheduled work.

Scale As You Grow

As your business grows and requires more marketing resources, we will expand our team to support you. This saves you time and money with hiring and managing staff.

What our customers say

We dramatically increased our conversion rate… they’re making design decisions based on usability and behaviour so you get measurable results to see if you are getting a good ROI. This was a great exercise.”

Dave Z, Entrepreneur

We’re getting more website traffic. If you want your business to succeed, you have to hire a professional… make sure you hire a designer that understands the marketing aspects, like SEO and PPC. “

Genya K, Entrepreneur

“We got not only web design advice, but all the aspects of the business in general… they were able to reduce the bounce rate by 40% in one project and tripled click through rates in another project.”

Ugur G, Marketing Expert

Questions you might have

If you are interested in growing your ecommerce presence, generate more sales and build a better brand – then Ecommerce Accelerator is a good program for you.

By now you already know that it’s difficult to do everything by yourself. When you try to do everything by yourself, it takes more time and you often make unnecessary mistakes.

With Ecommerce Accelerator you get to work with a team that is focused on moving your ecommerce brand forward. With this service, essential business-building activities are done to save you time and make you money. It’s a no-brainer.

The services are customized to the needs of your business. We study your industry and your business goals, then build a plan that includes a mix of activities most relevant for your business at the moment. 

Activities may include

  • Setting up and optimizing email marketing flows
  • Design and send email marketing campaigns to your list 
  • Updating website pages and navigation
  • Writing better product descriptions
  • Setup and optimization of review collection software 
  • Collect customer’s stories on your behalf 
  • Write blog posts and help pages
  • Post updates to social media profiles
  • And much more…

Ecommerce Accelerator is for you – if your online store generates over $20k in monthly revenue.

Over the years we supported the growth of ecommerce brands from 5-figures to 7-figures in monthly revenues.

We aim to do the same for each brand that we work with.

It takes commitment, knowledge and resources to grow an ecommerce brand.

Connect with us to find out if we can be the team to support your growth.

Every business is different, and your results may vary depending on factors like – your website traffic, advertising budget, the size of your email list, how aggressive your competitors, etc.

It takes time and resources to grow online. With the right resources, brands see results within the first 6 months.

That’s the reason that all our programs require a 12-month commitment.

If you are ready to grow, you need the right team to help you make it happen.

Consistency is the name of the game, and teamwork is how you win.

We want to grow with you, so your growth is our #1 motivator.

Connect with us to find out if we can be the team to support your growth.

Ecommerce Accelerator program is customized to fit the current needs of your business.

Once we clearly understand your e-commerce business and your business growth objectives, we build a custom plan that determines the monthly investment needed to create your desired results.

We believe in a fixed marketing monthly investment. Why? Because it helps you control costs. The best part? You can start with basic Accelerator add-ons and keep upgrading as you see results.

To create and measure results and growth velocity, this process requires a minimum of 12-month commitment.