Partner Program

Work with Shop Innovator to offer additional services for your ecommerce clients.

Is this for you?

Shop Innovator’s partner program is great for:

  • Marketing agencies looking for outside help to offer complimentary ecommerce services
  • Consultants looking to provide value-added services to your clients
  • Designers who would like technical implementation and support

Why Join The Partner Program

  • Over 15 years of professional track record
  • Serving agencies, consultants and designers from Canada and United States
  • Specializing in ecommerce web design, ecommerce email marketing and ecommerce ad management
  • Reduced rates (over 20% off retail)
  • Fully confidential service agreement
  • North American office, with Eastern Timezone service schedule

Become a Shop Innovator Partner

Request a free phone chat to see if we can work together to support your ecommerce offerings.