Insights is Live

Just launched a fun website for a fun product: STICKERS. Check it out:

How to Handle Ecommerce Fraud on Shopify

E-commerce fraud has become a big issue for merchants on Shopify. The more popular e-commerce shopping becomes, the more fraud we encounter. An e-commerce fraud horror story I recently received

Grow Sales by Improving Your Conversion Rate

There are 3 ways to increase sales on your ecommerce website: Get more customers (ie. attract new customers to your store) Get bigger orders (ie. increase the order value) Increase

Launch of Mask Boutique

Launch of Mask Boutique

There is a shortage of good quality protective masks in Canada and the United States. In some states, wearing masks became mandatory. At the same time, everyone is encouraged not

Shabbat Mode Shopify App is Live!

Shabbat Mode Shopify app went live on the app store this week, so we are very excited! 🙂 Shabbat Mode App Features This is a simple app which enables you